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thorited tungsten electrode(WT20) will be out of market

tungsten electrode(WX). why? because it is not only better for the health of the welders but also provides a better welding results at a lower consumption of operating material at the same time


Thorited tungsten electrode(WT20) was most popular one among all tungsten electrode because its excellent welding performance and low consumption but now the situation is the opposite . because thorited tungsten electrode(WT20) contains a trace of radioactive thorium dioxide ,welders are easy to get leukemia and other diseases if welders use WT20 for a long time. thorited tungsten electrode(WT20) in Developed countries in Europe and the United States has long been banned, many manufacturers have spent a great deal of energy and capital to research or creat new tungsten electrode to replace the thorited tungsten electrode(WT20). Independent research and development in BTM Group have been made and performance indicators in tri-mix tungsten electrodes(WX) have been met or exceeded the thorium-tungsten electrode.


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Today in china because radiation hazards in production and use of the process,thorited tungsten electrode(WT20) will be out of market. nowdays china is the only country who makes thorited tungsten electrode(WT20),china government have taken measures to prohibit the production of thorited tungsten electrode(WT20)


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